Friday, September 23, 2016

I Lay Awake

In the depths of the night I lay awake contemplating my fate. A burning desire to make this earthquake as I wake up. Drowsily stumbling through the everyday. I need a mission to be the ignition to create the visions that come to me. Powerful being meant to be the queen of mercy. Never deserting the idealistic beliefs, that play on repeat, a hope I will answer the calling that keeps ringing. If only my fist could grasp the people I need, to believe in themselves, and in me. It was never about the one. It is always about the we. Living with a purpose is the only thing that can making living worthy. Striving to be better than our previous self. Healing the wounds that reopen every time the pain is felt. Strength comes from the time spent cut up by the jagged blades of the words that loose lips say.

I am a cliche. White girl wanting to sing like a black soulful beauty. Get famous to reclaim a stance on world peace. Light being of the new age beliefs. Rising frequency that I learned about in a place that is like home to me. Meditation through Eugene University helped to educate me. Working smarter not harder with a taste of the streets. White bird come to rescue those that are in need.  So you show me a politician who hasn’t got dirt on their feet. Smiling through gritted teeth hoping to make the difference, to change poverty. As for me It's not enough to build up an empire to conquer. I want to make an impact through changes that work. Raising the bar we set for the lowest creed of classless society. Understanding the holistic reality of how all our existance got to where we are at. With a vision on where we could be.

Positive progression comes in the form of our everyday ties. The way that we look at each other and tell the stories of this day to day struggle and stride. Call me naive but perhaps I have the faith that we need to take an idea, make it bigger than some fantasy. There is strength in numbers when you write it out strong. Demanding fair treatment and condemning the incarceration of people who need some rehabilitation. Rather than cement benches and lack of sleep how about we offer some mental health services to those who are in need. Family is a bigger picture of a collective community in which we look at those who are the weakest and hold space to help them save face.

The greatness that exists within cannot be destroyed. It is in the essence of the shared experience. The fear in us might make us want to wait but you know that calling isn't hanging up today. In the wake of these changes I keep pace towards the master plan, the way in which we demand, for humans to be treated humanely. Letting go of the judgements we’ve been taught to have. Learning through getting a clue. Realising that the only way to set us free in through you. What am I to do?

Separated from my ideals to survive. Frustrated because it's sad to see us settle for what is gives us so little inside. That is not how we begin overcoming the oppression that has become so blatant. As I age I get tired. Late at night feeling wired. Because this passion it won’t let me rest once again. I can’t live for a means to an end. With everything so backwards forward motion is the potion that intoxicate me. There is no easy way to find a solution to this gap of financial exclusion. Still as a warrior woman I intend to keep running my mouth so you all will hear me.

We are the revolution we need. Get organized. Believe that love is the bond that ties. We shall no longer abide to corrupt corporations for the pennies we are making. I can’t sleep because these real world dreams must come to fruition to change the structure that is crumbling. Intelligent actions must take precedent to take over a world that appears to me be mentally diseased. I hear the voices calling asking us what it is that we need. To be the change that will save the masses from their own ignorance. Money spent. Debt incurred. Sky high costs of rent. Still you aren’t any closer to knowing you. We aren’t any closer to seeing that we have to work together or we die off silently.

Misplaced desires will never elevate us higher. I am ready to let all of the power I posses to rest. Allowing me to take on another day in this darkness. Where can I start to help to solve all this mess. I am just one lady amongst the chaos of consciousness. In the back of the confusion a voice speaks clearly. You are worthy. A shaman. Meant to be here intentionally. Aligned with the divine. A goddess in your own right. Speaking your truth. Stop thinking about the problems and speak what you see. Look for the solutions and where they might come into being. I am right. Trusting the intuition of my own insight. We will come together and learn to unite. Because I and I. Stand as observers of one another. As for now I lay awake. Laying my head down in the heavy. In hopes that you can hear it break wide open. As we continue to plan. Won’t you all rise up with me.        

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

To Infinity

To Infinity 

All that I am searching for is you. In a thousand different faces. In every position I take. I close my eyes and imagine a future where you exist inside of me. Where my questions already have their response. As we are one, so we already know the answers. Inhaling, as you exhale, the breath of life is exchanged. It cannot go unnoticed. Deeply penetrating, as eyes are fixated, burrowing into these entangled souls. The level of understanding. That easily is part of our nature. Cohabitates joyfully in the gaps of silence. We have found a center inside. High above the murmurs of people talking so loud. Pining for our attention. Distracting us from ourselves. With a sideways glance, a slight caress of two hands, the pressure of needing to be on guard is gone. Doing nothing feels productive with the company we keep. The inspiration far outweighs the need to get up and go. Hurried and needy. Comfort like this is meant to be savored.  So sweaty and sweet. We have arrived beside one another separate. Laying, vibrating in the stillness where we merged into being the same being. Reflected in your essence I become aware. I am present. The blessings received from the output of this energy is like galaxies of our own creation. A never ending continuation, expressing beauty, too much for one mind to fathom. It takes two. Infinity equates to me mixed up with you. The us. The we. The pure joy of our journey which has no end. For without you I am not wholly me, and without me you are left in that search, searching.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sun Day: A Momentary Experience

The feeling of permanence is a momentary experience. We convince ourselves that the outside world is a construct of our minds. Studying the colossal impact, of the viral nature, that some humans have. If we look closely we can see how to be different. Shape our own opinions. It's hard to believe I am comfortable with where this mind takes me. The heartache of the world often tunes into our creativity. We are born of purpose with true individual, indivisible, abilities.

The constructs of creation spin into my head eternally, for an eternity, while I gaze out on some sick beat. It moves me, motivating. Its perfect and beautiful but nobody can hear except my dome and the collective energy. The strange chemical reactions that we observe when it happen, makes a self expression explode like a heated erupting volcano. In the station of positioning, we have been conditioning, creating all said missions. We will take this new edition. Be a protagonist in the story perpetuate it forward. Embarking on a level higher than a rebel. Impact as we don't hold back. Make others better as we go.

A walking contradiction, is only a part of this projection. In the projects we keep making. We are what we're creating. I can see the visions, are you focused are you with it? In the moment we will find love too, love we freely send through you. Sharing strong connections excepting their conceptions. Talking and debating, because we like to voice these images we make. WE are awake. With new thoughts to bloom and grow.

We know what we know. We can hear what we say. We know what we need. We just keep perpetuating this waking dream. 

What is what we are? What is what we can believe? What is this reality? What is this place surrounding me? 

We know what we know. We can hear what we say. We might not be able to understand exactly what’s happening. I don’t know, what I don’t know. Instilled in truth I grow. 

In a momentary Experience.