Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sun Day: A Momentary Experience

The feeling of permanence is a momentary experience. We convince ourselves that the outside world is a construct of our minds. Studying the colossal impact, of the viral nature, that some humans have. If we look closely we can see how to be different. Shape our own opinions. It's hard to believe I am comfortable with where this mind takes me. The heartache of the world often tunes into our creativity. We are born of purpose with true individual, indivisible, abilities.

The constructs of creation spin into my head eternally, for an eternity, while I gaze out on some sick beat. It moves me, motivating. Its perfect and beautiful but nobody can hear except my dome and the collective energy. The strange chemical reactions that we observe when it happen, makes a self expression explode like a heated erupting volcano. In the station of positioning, we have been conditioning, creating all said missions. We will take this new edition. Be a protagonist in the story perpetuate it forward. Embarking on a level higher than a rebel. Impact as we don't hold back. Make others better as we go.

A walking contradiction, is only a part of this projection. In the projects we keep making. We are what we're creating. I can see the visions, are you focused are you with it? In the moment we will find love too, love we freely send through you. Sharing strong connections excepting their conceptions. Talking and debating, because we like to voice these images we make. WE are awake. With new thoughts to bloom and grow.

We know what we know. We can hear what we say. We know what we need. We just keep perpetuating this waking dream. 

What is what we are? What is what we can believe? What is this reality? What is this place surrounding me? 

We know what we know. We can hear what we say. We might not be able to understand exactly what’s happening. I don’t know, what I don’t know. Instilled in truth I grow. 

In a momentary Experience.  

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