Sunday, July 7, 2013

Passing Thoughts

Deep inside ourselves are all the experiences that have been downloaded into our brains. Some float closer to the surface and can impact world views. The way that we focus images, moments in time, can shape the reality that exists around us. With the physiological differences like eyesight, or a person height, a shared reality actually appears differently to different people. Beyond the body externally, the mind itself, has a way of shaping shared experiences. It affects what sounds you choose to focus on, for example the person talking right next to you or the song playing in the background. It also impacts deeper than the outer level into feelings you choose to acknowledge and those you disregard with ease. I wonder how present people are in their thoughts, in their world. Moving too fast, not processing fast enough seems to be the pace of many existences.

Relationships have no beginning and no end, once you have met someone or something, if its had an impact you, it probably changed you. Or better yet shaped you. As human beings, as the name implies, we are just being here. Existence could be viewed as a shared space, time, and interaction. We are only able to experience a similar experiences but no two are exactly alike.  As was covered by the example earlier, both from an actual perspective of how we receive information from the outer spaces surrounding our bodies, and ultimately our inner realms through brain processes.

Everyone get so wrapped up in the ideas they have about how things should be. Are we forgetting to actually be in the moment? More so are we unable to accept everything in any moment? The concept itself seems a little less than strictly defined. Being in the moment for my purposes means being free from emotions that are attached to the future or the past. The possibility of actually being able to do this seems far fetched. We have a lens in which we see the world through which is filtered with past experiences, and possible our future experience too. Our desires, commitments, dreams, fears, friends, hobbies, flourish when they are give attention. Especially a significant amount.

Balance of all that we are would need to come into full affect. This can be a difficult act to weigh correctly. Balance between the ability to be present absorbing the information that surrounds you, the signs, and the conversions. All the while processing everything that triggers in you, that you want, that you had. People once thought the earth was flat. Lines are easy to draw, they make sense, one start one end, no complex thinking necessary. However just as the earth has been discovered to be a spherical, circular; time and space might share the same properties as well. No beginning no end just constant change and rotation.

The mind is so powerful, it can keep spinning in a mental loop, masking the whole of any shared experience. People can hide truths. The self, our subconscious, can also be deceptive. Intuition could be one thing that counters this blindness. Acting on that intuition, trusting it, can be even more difficult than just continuing to let thoughts wonder. Support for our intuitive nature appears to come from within ourselves. Science teaches us to look outside ourselves to draw conclusions. In fact most of the time when we are looking inside ourselves we see differences from that which others have defined. Be unique yet stay normal is the mixed message society sends to us.

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